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Our mission is to reduce the degrees of separation between yourself and those who produce food. Dave works with each producer directly and knows exactly what methods they use. Behind each item on the shelf there is an individual with goals, passions, challenges, and interesting background stories. All of these are usually lost in conventional grocery stores. We believe that the more we know about the source of our food, the more vibrant our health, our planet, and our local economy becomes.

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We are a small grocery store that supports over 50 local farmers and food producers. We believe in eating seasonally and locally, so there aren't fresh tomatoes at Dave's Backyard Farms in the winter. Our partners use only the very best agricultural practices, and Dave is able to tell you exactly how each item on the shelf was produced. Even all of the prepared foods like breads, pastries, cheeses, ice creams, and granola use ingredients sourced from local farms. Dave's Backyard Farms is a cohesive food ecosystem that exemplifies how food ought to be provided to local communities.

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Fantastic Food From The Following Local Producers

Are you a local food producer and interested in working with us? Please feel free to reach out. We are always looking for new products!

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