Raw Milk, Premium Cheese, and Ice Cream!

organic dairy - organic ice cream

Everything from our dairy section comes from grass-fed cows that graze on local pastures, even the ice cream. When cows eat nothing but grass the nutrient content, the richness, and the flavor of the dairy is superior. You can taste and see the difference.

We are also proud to say that here at Dave’s you will not find any pasteurized milk. Dave recommends raw milk because of the various benefits it has for our customers, for the cows, and for the planet.

Some of our popular dairy products include:

  • Owowcow and Weckerly’s ice cream
  • Fresh and nutrient-dense raw cow and goat milk 
  • Yogurt, labneh, and aged cheeses

Our Dairy Partners

Erevan Dairy

Our cows have names, not numbers.

Pigeon Creek Farm

A first generation Micro Dairy providing the freshest milk to our neighborhood.

Hillacres Pride

Their cheeses come from their own Jersey herd, which they feed only grass.

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