Quality Organic Meats, Cage-Free Eggs & Locally Caught Seafood

At Dave’s Backyard Farms our quality, organic meats come from local farms. When you trust a local farm, you’re guaranteed organic, fresh meats free from GMOs and other chemicals. We take the time to get to know our local farmers to ensure we provide our customers with truly organic products. 

The organic meats at Dave’s Backyard Farms are sourced from ethical farms. In other words, 100% grass-fed cows graze on open pastures that are chemical-free. In other words, our meats are ethically sourced from sustainable farming that takes into account every part of the farming operation. We take pride in learning about livestock farming to ensure we provide our customers with quality products from ethical practices. Therefore, at Dave’s Backyard Farms, you can feel good about what you eat.

Some of the organic products we offer are:

  • Grass-fed chicken
  • Organic ground chicken
  • Organic grass-fed beef
  • Organic ground beef
  • Organic pork
  • Farm fresh eggs from local egg farms
  • Nutrient dense salmon
  • Dry-cured salami

Whether you are cooking an organic steak dinner, crafting your own charcuterie board, or cooking Sunday brunch, the organic products you need are here at Dave’s Backyard Farms.

Our Meat, Eggs, Seafood Partners

Charlito’s Cocina

Hand-crafted charcuterie, with a specialization in dry-cured salamis.

Horse Shoe Ranch

We pride ourselves on the quality of our eggs.

Wild For Salmon

Nutrient dense and flavorful salmon straight from Alaska.

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