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Organic goes far beyond a label in a supermarket. To us, at Dave’s Backyard Farms, our commitment to organic produce means our fresh fruits and vegetables adhere to USDA-certified organic standards and supports the future of farming. We care for the health of our soil to ensure our consumers are eating the freshest and most nutritious organic fruits and vegetables. Therefore, our produce is GMO-free and chemical-free, and so is our soil!

Does GMO-free matter?

When produce is organic and grown naturally, it is more nutritious. For example, tomatoes have one of the highest dietary sources of lycopene, beneficial for cardiovascular health and protective against the sun and certain types of cancer. Genetically modified tomatoes can lose this beneficial health aid. Protect your health by buying organic produce at Dave’s Backyard Farms!

One of our featured products is the Pennsylvania staple: the mushroom. Our mushrooms come from a farm in Philadelphia that produces chemical-free mushrooms on regenerative soil. We have a variety of mushrooms such as Trumpet, Shiitake, Blue Oyster, and more. These organic mushrooms are both good for you and our planet- much like the rest of our organic fruits and vegetables here at Dave’s Backyard Farms.

Our Produce Partners

Blue Moon Acres

Responsibly growing top-quality microgreens, herbs, and rice.

Lancaster Farm Fresh

An organic farmer's co-op of over 100 small farms.

Imagination Farm

Local Vegetable Farm in NE Philadelphia and Abington, PA

Mycopolitan Mushrooms

Beautiful Mushrooms grown right here in Philadelphia.

Sharrah Orchards

Many of our customers say that it’s the best fruit they have tasted.

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