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Local Farms & Vendors

This is an alphabetical list of all the local farms and vendors that we carry here at the store. Use the search and filters to find a specific partner.

Best Ever Granola

Award winning gluten-free and vegan granola.


Solar Popcorn! Popped in the Hudson Valley, based out of Brooklyn.

Blue Moon Acres

Responsibly growing top-quality microgreens, herbs, and rice.

Bluestem Botanicals

Our Farm is at the Crossroads of where Bartenders and Herbalists Meet.

Brooklyn Delhi

Award-winning condiments inspired by Indian food traditions.

Burlap and Barrel

Beautiful spices, equitably sourced.

Castle Valley Mill

We source only the finest local grains and stone mill our flour.

Charlito’s Cocina

Hand-crafted charcuterie, with a specialization in dry-cured salamis.

Erevan Dairy

Our cows have names, not numbers.

First Field

Incredible tomatoes and sauces for pizza & pasta.

Fishtown Pickle Project

Enjoy mindfully, brined with love right here in Philadelphia

Food and Ferments

Makers of naturally fermented krauts and more.

Fraktured Sauce

Hot sauces made from peppers grown on our family farm.

Hillacres Pride

Their cheeses come from their own Jersey herd, which they feed only grass.

Horse Shoe Ranch

We pride ourselves on the quality of our eggs.

Imagination Farm

Local Vegetable Farm in NE Philadelphia and Abington, PA

Inna’s Pierogi Shop

Non-GMO and made with organic ingredients wherever possible!

Kara Jo Skin Care

The natural solution to beautiful healthy skin. Get rid of the chemicals!

Kimberton Hills Herb Garden

A life-sharing community for adults with disablities.

Lancaster Farm Fresh

An organic farmer's co-op of over 100 small farms.

Mediterranean Delicacy

The healthiest, the purest, the finest from Tunisia, Morocco and the Middle East.

Miller’s Apiary

Local raw, unfiltered honey as well as a variety of syrups.

Mother Butter Company

A deliciously healthy alternative to nut butters.

Movement Labs

Live culture Kombucha brewed in Philly

Mycopolitan Mushrooms

Beautiful Mushrooms grown right here in Philadelphia.

Nord Bread

Specializing in sourdough

Nutty Novelties

Awesome Nut Butters, made in Telford, PA.

Oat Haus

Think of us as nut butter’s more interesting, less-nutty cousin.

Paul Family Farms

Small batch wood-fired maple syrup and raw honey.

Pigeon Creek Farm

A first generation Micro Dairy providing the freshest milk to our neighborhood.

Piggyback Treats Company

Unique pet treats using human-grade ingredients rescued from farm waste.

Rancho Gordo

Unique flavor and textures you won't find with bland commodity beans.

Sharrah Orchards

Many of our customers say that it’s the best fruit they have tasted.

Small Batch Kitchen

Flavorful, low-sugar preserves, sourcing local produce.

Spelt Berry Bakery

Bread and Hummus from locally sourced farms.

Ursa Bakery

Small bakery making nice bread from 100% local grain.

Wild For Salmon

Nutrient dense and flavorful salmon straight from Alaska.

Wild Fox Provisions

Producing high CBD hemp products from our own home grow hemp.

Wild Kingdom Extracts

All of our extracts are wildcrafted from wild mushrooms and herbs.

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