5 Generations of Quality Home-Grown Fruit

Nathan Sharrah produces amazingly flavorful apples, peaches, and plums in Gettsburg, PA. Many of our customers say that it’s the best fruit they have tasted. Dave meets Nathan halfway in Lancaster in a random parking lot to pick up his fruit! Nathan is perhaps the main reason why Dave started providing his community with all of this local food.

My second year farming I went to two farmers markets. The big one on Saturday at Bryn Athyn and a smaller one on Thursdays in ambler. Nathan was at the ambler one selling apples/peaches/plums etc. I told him that he should come to Bryn Athyn on Saturdays too and sell there since we didn’t have an orchardist there. He said he cant but why don’t I buy his fruit wholesale and sell it myself. So I did that. I picked up the fruit from him on Thursdays and would store it and take it with me on Saturdays to sell. Now he delivers to me on Sundays on his way to media farmers market. From there this gave me the momentum to carry a bunch of other stuff. I never considered selling other peoples stuff before Nathan’s suggestion.

Available Products

  • Honey crisp
  • Gala
  • Pink lady
  • Ludacrisp
  • Evercrisp
  • Ambrosia
  • Gold rush
  • Crimson crisp
  • Asian pears (2 varieties)
  • European pears
  • Apple butter 
  • Apple sauce 
  • Dried apples
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