After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in history from Ursinus College, Farmer Dave Hamalian continued with his love for history at the University of Bremen, Germany, completing his Master's degree in 2010. Through his study of the past, Dave realized how quickly we moved away from the land in the last century. After much travel and introspection, he decided that he wanted to reestablish this connection to the land through farming. He spent four seasons as an apprentice at farms throughout the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region, immersed himself in agricultural literature, and attended farming conferences. When driving through his home town of Huntingdon Valley one day, he was struck by the number of sunny lawns. He saw immense potential to grow food in his own community, and with all that he had learned he launched Dave's Backyard Farms in 2017. In his spare time he enjoys exercising, playing chess, and playing the piano.