Natural Skin Care Products & Tinctures

Health is more than what you eat. Here at Dave’s Backyard Farms, we are proud to provide organic products for holistic wellness. Shop supplements, extracts, skin care, etc. with locally sourced ingredients and healing benefits. Our vendors’ organic products source wild ingredients in their natural form to ensure a high potency of nutrients. Thus providing our customers with high-quality products and great benefits. 

Did you know?

Tinctures are highly concentrated herbal extracts that are swallowed or absorbed under the tongue. These concentrates can help reduce anxiety, treat epilepsy, and reduce pain.

Improve your wellness with some of these organic wellness products:

  • Local honey farm skincare products
  • Certified organic hemp teas
  • Healing liquid herb extracts

Sure, the products we sell have great, clean ingredients, but behind these products is a company with a greater mission. Dave’s Backyard Farms only works with companies that emulate a philosophy similar to our own- organic agriculture, sustainability, and support local farming.

Our Wellness Partners

Kara Jo Skin Care

The natural solution to beautiful healthy skin. Get rid of the chemicals!

Wild Fox Provisions

Producing high CBD hemp products from our own home grow hemp.

Wild Kingdom Extracts

All of our extracts are wildcrafted from wild mushrooms and herbs.

Bluestem Botanicals

Our Farm is at the Crossroads of where Bartenders and Herbalists Meet.

Kimberton Hills Herb Garden

A life-sharing community for adults with disablities.

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